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Located on 1.4 acres of Clark County School District property, part of the Gordon McCaw STEAM Academy campus, the educational non-profit organization called McCaw School of Mines Foundation was developed in the early 1990’s through the efforts of then Gordon McCaw Elementary School Principal Janet Dobry.  Fashioned in a similar manner as the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland, the 5,100 square foot realistic model of a historic underground mine was dedicated in 1996 and is the only simulated underground mine of its kind in the state.  In 2000 a 3,000 square foot Visitor’s Center was added to the property.

Our vision is to educate Nevada’s youth and the broader public on the importance of mineral resources.


Our mission is to provide free or low-cost field trips for Nevada’s students and host public days which serve to educate, enrich and entertain all who visit The Mine Experience on the impact mineral resources have on our lives.

We believe that making the connection between mineral use and the process by which minerals are obtained (mining) is critically important. Our efforts focus on making this connection with all who visit.

Through interactive tours and exhibits we strive to communicate the maxim, “If it isn’t grown, it must be mined,” and the importance this phrase plays in the everyday lives of those in our communities.  We also strive to spark an interest in mining careers to those that visit the Mine and emphasize the many career pathways possible.

McCaw School of Mines Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation founded in 1996 and formed under IRS Code 501(c)(3) to oversee The Mine Experience at McCaw School of Mines.  The foundation has been recognized by GuideStar with their highest rating, the Platinum Star Seal of Transparency.  

The Mine Experience is primarily staffed by volunteers under the leadership of Executive Director Philip Luna.  Mr. Luna has been the Executive Director since May of 2017.  In April of 2018 The Mine Experience welcomed their 100,000th visitor.

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